Dermaroller Treatment in Hyderabad

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Dermaroller Treatment

Having trouble with hair loss? Derma rolling, which is also called micro needling, is one of the most popular ways to treat skin problems. A derma roller is a tool with tiny needles that, for the best results, are usually made of titanium.

When you’ve tried all the home remedies, creams, and shampoos and your hair is still falling out, you get tired and upset. Treatments like Derma rolling on the scalp to stop hair loss have been shown to help bring blood flow back to dead and inactive hair follicles without hurting them or making them hurt a lot.

Dermaroller Treatment in Hyderabad

Medical professionals use a derma roller to make tiny holes in the scalp. This starts the production of stem cells and new hair growth. It also brings more blood to the scalp, which helps spread the nutrients that hair needs to grow.

The needle sizes on a derma roller range from 0.15 mm to 3 mm. Smaller ones are used to absorb hair serums and other products through the skin, while larger ones are used to make hair grow and can be a little painful and cause very little blood loss.

When used with other methods to restore hair, the Derma roller or Micro needling is a very promising way to treat hair loss. Talking to your doctor about all the other ways to grow hair will help you choose the best treatment for your hair loss in the end.

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