Urticaria Treatment in Hyderabad

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Urticaria causes red, raised bumps on the skin that are very itchy and usually get worse when you scratch them. Angioedema is a reaction that is similar to urticaria, except that the subcutaneous tissue swells up a lot. Urticaria can be caused by medications, food additives, infections, or bugs. Chronic urticaria can be caused by problems with the endocrine system, with collagen and blood vessels, or by cancer.

Urticaria can also be brought on by the sun, pressure, exercise, or stress. Urticaria shows up as a red, temporary, well-defined, superficial bump that itches. Size and shape of wheels can vary. When wheals heal, they usually don’t leave any marks. Any part of the body can get urticaria.

Urticaria Treatment in Hyderabad

The first line of treatment is antihistamines. The second line of treatment is to use systemic corticosteroids and monoclonal antibodies. Immunoglobulins or cyclosporine can be given to people with autoimmune chronic urticaria when antihistamines don’t work.

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