Mesotherapy Treatment in Hyderabad

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Mesotherapy can also be used on hair to stop hair loss, make it grow faster and thicker, and make it less frizzy.

Mesotherapy on Hair
Mesotherapy is used on the hair to make it thicker, stronger, and longer. This treatment helps wake up dormant follicles. For best results, it’s best to do this treatment more than once. People who have had hair transplants are also told to get this treatment to help the transplanted hair and their own hair grow better.

Mesotherapy Treatment in Hyderabad

At the start of the procedure, a numbing cream or blocks are used to make sure the whole thing doesn’t hurt. Then, special short needles are used to give a series of injections. Active growth cells, enzymes, and vitamins are injected into the scalp in the form of serums. Mesotherapy will likely need to be done more than once to have the desired effect.

Results of Mesotherapy:

  • Increased hair count, thickness & hair growth.
  • Effective in treating hair thinning & hair loss.

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