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Wow Aesthetics Clinic is the one of the finest Skin and Hair Clinic in Hyderabad, India. We are supported by experienced doctors and trained professional staff members. Our mission is to improve and maintain the health of your skin, hair, and nails by treating acute and chronic diseases and providing preventive care. We provide customized, all-inclusive skin care services by trained medical professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should consult a dermatologist right away if you notice any strange symptoms on your skin, hair, nails, or mucous membranes. A skin specialist can help you with any concerns you have about how you look.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists both mostly care about how people look on the outside. Dermatologists are trained doctors who help people who are sick or hurt. Cosmetologists, on the other hand, offer services that make people look better. Dermatologists are doctors who treat skin, hair, nails, and the linings of the nose and mouth. But cosmetologists are not doctors. Cosmetologists are trained to do a wide range of beauty services, such as cutting and styling hair.

No, the treatment is painless, non sensible comfort based treatment, offered only under the supervision of registered practitioners only.

Nicotine makes blackheads and whiteheads more likely to form.

Intense pulsed light technology works almost exactly like a laser to shut down hair follicles and stop hair growth for good. It's safer, more comfortable, and can be used in more ways. Clients of Laser Light have had a lot of success. At IPL Laser Light, our clients with light hair and tans have been happy with the results they've gotten.

A dermatologist can treat acne, fungal infections, hair problems, nail problems, psoriasis, and skin allergies. They can also do procedures like: • Biopsies • Chemical peels • Cosmetic injections • Hair removal and regrowth • Laser surgery

Laser machines are attracted by, the dark pigment that gives hair its colour. The laser follows this pigment to the root of each hair, where it then sends out heat energy, damaging the hair follicle enough to stop it from growing. Since these treatments for too much hair can only affect hair that is currently growing, they usually need to be done more than once for the results to last.

In people with severe acne, deeper, more severe inflammation, nodules, and cysts can cause scars. Some people may get a brown mark that usually fades with time, but not always. Acne is often marked by flare-ups and times when it goes away. This can go on for 3–5 years, but with consistent, long-term treatment, flare-ups can be kept to a minimum and long-term side effects can be lessened.

Scars from acne are caused by the body's response to acne lesions, which is an inflammatory response. Even though there is no one treatment that works best for everyone, an acne chemical peel may help some people with deep acne scars. However, more than one treatment may be needed. Laser skin resurfacing is another way to get rid of deep acne scars.

It depends on how bad the scars are, how deep they are, and what kind of treatment the person chooses. For more information, make an appointment.

Our Most Popular Services

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Based on your skin type and skin care goals, we will select the appropriate products and techniques to restore your skin's health, balance, and proper hydration.

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We are the best hair specialists in Hyderabad offer long-lasting relief from hair problems. Our hair specialist doctors in Hyderabad treat your ailment from the roots.

Expertise for the life of your Skin & Hair​

There are no countless reasons to protect, enhance, and treat your skin and Hair. And no one qualified than a dermatologist and aesthetics to support your skin and hair health through every stage of your life.

You’ll look and feel your best when our expert dermatologists and aesthetics combine their expertise with widest range of services available at Wow Aesthetics Clinic.


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