' Skin Health is Cardinal '

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There’s nothing more pleasing than the gift of Healthy moisturized skin. Naturally the most sensitive part of the body, it requires a lot of attention as simply failing to wash your makeup after an entire day can lead to clogged pores .Also,acne outbreaks are common and can take over the territory of that area. Not only does acne occur on the face but ‘bacne’ is a  pretty common term used these days because of how, although people take a shower and yet they fail to properly exfoliate their backs, not being able to physically reach them leads to a series of uneven bumps on the back.

Driving a consensus we can conclude that however good one’s skin condition is, if properly not taken care of it will instantly trigger a counter reaction in the form of some blemish, blackheads, lines of aging or even worse loosening / sagging skin. Some people like to use tools like the Gua sha at home and naturally spend hours over skincare and still be unable to get rid of their skin issues. Wow Aesthetics welcomes you along with a promise of skin that speaks of radiance, through a range of dermatology procedures to suit you. Our team comprises a trusted, practicing and efficient board of Dermatology Practicians. Be assured and recoup and replenish yourself at WOW Aesthetics. We provide an array of dermacare provisions from hydrafacials, laser hair removal, chemical peels to permanent scar treatment. Come embrace  and discover a  new you and give your skin a vacation ! Why wait ? Book an appointment now.

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